Basement Floor Coating 

At Ultimate Garage Finishes in Phoenix, we strive to be your choice commercial and residential floor coating experts. We offer complete epoxy basement floor coating in Phoenix to help protect and stylize your current floor. Epoxy is not a paint; it’s a tough and professional-grade coating whose design fortifies and stylizes your property. Epoxy basement floor coatings make for easier maintenance and cleanup because of epoxy’s dirt and stain resistant properties. Call us today to improve your Phoenix home or business with epoxy flooring.

Basement Concrete Floor Paint for Phoenix Businesses and Homes

If you’re looking to revive and restore your property’s basement, consider Ultimate Garage Finishes in Phoenix offers complete basement concrete floor paint solutions. To fit your style, sensibility and budget, our Phoenix contractors make available all shades, hues, and textures of basement floor paint and coatings to match your specifications. If you’re looking for the complete basement floor coating package, our contractors can help.

Epoxy Basement Flooring for Phoenix Homes and Businesses

Ultimate Garage Finishes in Phoenix proudly provides the Grand Canyon State with top-quality, thick, and durable epoxy floor coating for basements. If you’ve been looking for a team of professional contractors to help you get started, or finished, with your basement improvement project, Ultimate Garage Finishes in Phoenix has the epoxy floor coating solutions to help you. We offer epoxy basement floor services designed to extend the life of your basement and add a bit of personalized flash to your property.

Phoenix’s Solution Center for Basement Floor Coating

Epoxy is not a paint; it’s a highly durable and wear-resistant coating designed to protect your property with a shiny and stylish finish. At Ultimate Garage Finishes in Phoenix, we supply, provide, and apply professional grade basement floor coating like epoxy among many others. While DIY epoxy projects can look like they work, our professional-grade epoxy floor coating for basements is twice as thick and twice as durable. Call us today to find out how we can help you upgrade your basement.

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We strive to be Arizona’s top-quality coating and sealing contractors by providing top-quality sealcoat  services for your home or business. From private garages and bathroom floors to industrial and commercial spaces, our services truly keep Arizona covered, coated, and sealed. Our professional-grade coating options provide you and your property with a reliable, sturdy, and thorough sealcoat that’s both made to last and look pristine. Call us today to learn more about our complete line of services.

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