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  • Garage Cabinet Installation

    If you are looking to have garage cabinet installation done in Phoenix, give us a call. We offer garage storage...

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  • Custom Garage Cabinets

    Our custom storage cabinets can be built to your exact specifications in Phoenix. Sporting equipment, tools, boxes, or...

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    Garage cabinets are an excellent solution for your storage needs in Phoenix. They offer the space of normal shelves but help also keep things protected from the dust garages are prone to. We can add cabinets that really help with organization and look great. Garage cabinet systems mount onto slatwall that we install in your Phoenix garage, meaning you can also move and reconfigure the cabinets at your whim. Our garage storage cabinets might be just what your need to get your Phoenix garage tidy.
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    Slatwall Systems and Garage Cabinets

    We use slatwalls as the base for our garage cabinet systems. These walls allow for Phoenix clients to have interchangeable storage because the cabinets can be moved into a number of configurations. The panels hold lots of weight, and by adding accessories like hooks, baskets, shelves, and more, you will be able to store and organize almost anything you envision. Our garage storage cabinets are designed to let you make the most of the possessions in your Phoenix garage.

    Garage Wall Cabinets in Phoenix

    Our Phoenix garage cabinet systems are custom made by a trusted American manufacturer. Their blind dado construction means they can hold lots of weight, and models with thicker shelving include safety shelf pins. Our garage wall cabinets come with full backs and full extension slides as well as upgrade options like soft-close doors and aluminum extruded handles. We offer all sorts of colors, so you can be sure to get something that complements your flooring in Phoenix.

    Phoenix Experts for Garage Cabinets

    Something else we offer in Phoenix is base cabinetry. Base cabinets can hold up to 300 pounds, and feet offer them the ability to hold more. The countertops come with one-inch thick melamine, but they can be upgraded to butcher block if you’d like that for your garage. All garage storage cabinets are custom-made to fit at your Phoenix property and can be painted to go with the space. Even the hardware is interchangeable and can be upgraded to match your décor in Phoenix.

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