Urethane floor coatings are some of the most popular for garage floors in Phoenix, and for good reason. They set fast and are durable enough to take a beating. Polyurethane, or urethane for short, is a thermosetting polymer that applied in thin coats and has enough give to be able to absorb impacts. It also boosts abrasion resistance and a natural resistance to chemicals, making it the ideal product to use for a garage floor in Phoenix.

Why Urethane Coatings in Phoenix Work

When urethane is used for garage floor coating in Phoenix, it doesn’t dry—it polymerizes. When the urethane coating is put down, the monomer molecules act together to form polymer chains. Machinists use this same chemistry on the surfaces of their machines, as do woodworkers. The coating forms quickly and can stand the wear and tear that your Phoenix garage floor endures. Urethane flooring is proven to thrive for years, so you can trust it for your property in Phoenix.

Phoenix Urethane Floor Coating Options

Urethane coatings don’t have to be the only garage floor coating you use in Phoenix. Many people choose to put down epoxy or some other covering before applying a urethane floor coating. There are many combinations of colors and textures of urethane flooring that can be applied over other layers to cover the floor of your garage. Contact us today to speak with us and hear about all the options available in Phoenix.

Coating Maintenance in Phoenix

If you keep up with proper maintenance of your urethane flooring in Phoenix, it should last a decade or more, even under the toughest use. Dry mop the floor daily to removes debris and dust that could degrade the conductivity. Wet mop the floor once a week with a mix of non-residue alkaline and water, and allow to dry. Every two weeks wet mop with soft nylon bristle pads, but don’t get too aggressive or it will remove the gloss. Proper maintenance will keep your floor in Phoenix fresh and bright for years.

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