Garage Floor Sealer

Concrete floor sealers are applied to protect your garage floor in Phoenix. A garage floor sealer is a wise investment because concrete can stain and sustain damages quite easily. Because concrete is hard, it has no give, and therefore the surface is susceptible to chipping if tools or other hard objects are dropped on it in your Phoenix garage. A concrete sealer has some give to it, so it won’t crack easily, and will work to protect the floor and provide abrasion resistance.

Avoid Concrete Floor Damage in Phoenix

Many Phoenix industrial and commercial settings that experience high amounts of traffic use concrete floor sealers to protect their floors, so you can trust they will work great for your garage. The most common sealers are made from polyurethane or epoxy, which are easy to maintain and hold up against abuse. Because floor sealers have some give, they aren’t as brittle as concrete. The coatings resist stains, and if properly maintained can last for decades. Most importantly, they keep the concrete floor of your Phoenix garage in good condition.

Options in Phoenix for Garage Floor Sealers

Most concrete floor sealers are penetrating sealers, acrylics, polyurethanes, or epoxies. Penetrating sealers react with the capillaries of concrete, shielding from moisture and chemicals but not changing the surface appearance of your floor in Phoenix. Acrylics have the widest range of colors and dry the fastest, but lack the longevity of other treatments. Polyurethanes are highly resistant to abrasion and wear, making it a great choice for garages in Phoenix. Epoxies are a two-part system, and form a hard, longwearing floor sealer that resists abrasion.

Maintaining Your Phoenix Floor Sealer

Having a garage floor sealer in Phoenix requires very little maintenance. Dirt and dust on the surface can cause abrasion damage when walked on, so a couple times a week the floor should be swept. Once a week the floor of your Phoenix garage should be mopped. Pressure washers can be used for more difficult grime like grease, but don’t use something with over 1200 PSI and make sure it has a fan tip to ensure you don’t damage your Phoenix floor sealer.

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