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    A garage is often the most cluttered part of properties in Phoenix. What is supposed to be a functional place often becomes the spot where junk is put and messes build up. We believe that every garage in Phoenix should be a place you can utilize and where your outdoor equipment, tools, and anything else you want to store are organized and easy to access. With garage slatwall, you can have cabinets, hooks, and baskets put in and can move them around as you accommodate your changing storage needs in Phoenix.
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    Slatwall Panels for Phoenix Garages

    We use slatwall as the base for our garage wall storage systems in Phoenix. The garage slatwall is anchored directly to the walls, so they are strong enough to hold the weight of whatever the cabinets, hooks, and baskets will contain without risk of failure. The grooves of the slatwall panels mean that the hooks, shelfs, and cabinets that attach can be move around and reorganized anytime you require. This is handy for people in Phoenix who have seasonal equipment and changing needs.

    Offering Garage Wall Storage in Phoenix

    Cabinets are a helpful addition to any garage storage system in Phoenix. When items are safely stored inside a cabinet, they are protected from dust covering them. We work with an American cabinetmaker to custom-build products for all our clients, to the size and color they want. Whether you are storing sports equipment, tools, or anything else, the cabinets will be made to your specifications in Phoenix.

    Baskets and Hooks for Garage Slatwall

    Many retail establishments in Phoenix rely on slatwall panels to display all their products. The system works for just about any Phoenix property that needs to store things and wants to do it in an efficient manner. Adding hooks and baskets to your garage storage system, is a great way to organize anything, from small nuts and bolts to hanging up bicycles. Let us equip your property in Phoenix with garage wall storage that will let you make the best of the space.

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